Re-programmable OTP tokens

Posted 29 Aug '18

Re-programmable OTP tokens

We now stock Protectimus SLIM mini - a thin hardware token the size of a credit card.

Protectimus SLIM mini is a new generation of reprogrammable TOTP hardware tokens. They can be used in 2FA systems based on OATH standards, and easily reflashed using an application installed on your NFC-capable Android smartphone. 

A key feature of Protectimus SLIM mini NFC security token is the ability to configure it with any secret key that user needs. Using this token allows you to completely eliminate the risk of the provider of two-factor authentication compromising the secret key, and allows you to connect users who do not want or cannot use their cell phones as OTP tokens to your two-factor authentication system.

Google Authenticator and YubiKey alternative

Contactless hardware OTP-token Protectimus SLIM mini is suitable for any 2FA system based on Google Authenticator. It can be used both in the corporate sector, as well as for the protection of personal accounts on popular sites such as Google, Facebook, VKontakte, Dropbox, GitHub, etc.

Cross-platform effectiveness

Protectimus SLIM mini is a good alternative to SMS and software tokens, because it is the safest OTP generator. Hardware OTP tokens are not connected to any network, so the one-time passwords are protected from interception or viruses on your smartphone.

Attractive design

Protectimus SLIM mini tokens are produced in a form of elegant smart cards sized 64 x 38 x 1 mm. Such cards won’t take up much space in your wallet and will assure reliable protection from hacking of your account. 

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