ISDN & PSTN Services are being disconnected

Posted 24 Oct '18

Traditional phone services are changing

What does this mean for you?

As you may be aware ISDN & PSTN services are currently being disconnected Australia Wide and can no longer be ordered.

We’ve had a few of our existing clients report that vendors have engaged them to upgrade these services and or upgrade their existing voice systems. This has been a costly process and while in some instances this may be required it is not always the case.

Smart Business Voice provides a single vendor solution, lowering the cost and complexity of your phone services. We focus on building innovative, flexible and scalable solutions delivering the best end-user experience for our customers.

Before signing any contracts or getting sold something may not be required please speak to us about options that are available to your business, whether it be re-purposing existing hardware or upgrading to a SIP system.

More on the ISDN disconnects:

- Process for Disconnection of Direct Special Services and Special Service Inputs

- NBN: Services that will be switched off

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